Prairie Song Designs was incorporated in 1989.  Our history has mainly been working with small and start-up businesses, non-profits and self-employed individuals looking for help with advertising.  With the onset of the web, social media and virtual marketing we have evolved into a full-service design team, working with the best partners in the industry to give our clients the results they desire.

Although a highly-functional, attractive website is essential, we also focus on marketing, printed materials and staying on top of the rapidly changing trends.  We build websites that are “responsive” (adapt to fit smartphones and tablets), and easy to edit.  We help our clients learn “content management” so they can have control over their sites.  Relationships are very important to us, and we take pride in fulfilling long-term marketing goals with our clients.

For more information on all our design services give me a call at 800.765.2627.

I look forward to working one-on-one with you!

Kristy Bruns, President
Prairie Song Designs, Inc.